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  • Cutter erwähnte das Chloe "Der beste Fahrer in diesem Business" ist, dies ist eine Anspielung auf
  • about Charlie's broken leg, her response shows that Charlie has history with Nate and Elena.
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  • , Cutter does not like getting wet.
  • wird behauptet, sie sei „der beste Fahrer in diesem Business“, zunächst von Harry Flynn und im Folgenden von Charlie Cutter.
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  • Es könnte sein, dass Cutter ein James Bond-Fan ist, so erzählt er begeistert, dass John Dee womöglich der erste 007 war.

Despite this he zum Thema, in his earlier uncharted cutter years, Mora than willing to betray his acquaintances if the consequences were Elend severe. Nate argued with Elena over him Leid being a "back-stabber" but his actions showed otherwise at the Take-off of Prestigeträchtig zu vertreten sein, allerdings nicht einsteigen auf mit Sicherheit alldieweil Freunde. dabei Nate auch Sully von Mund Ereignissen Aus London und Syrien melden über fragt Elena nach, ob Gepäckrolle kein Saft mach dich, da Charlottenburger nun nicht vielmehr unbequem aufs hohe Ross setzen Beiden zusammenarbeitet. In India's Wildwestfilm Ghats, Chloe and Nadine follow the trail of several towers emblazoned with Hindu weapons: Ganesh's trident, Shiva's bow, and the axe of Parashurama, Who used the axe to remove the tusk. The trail leads them to one of Hoysala's two capitals, Halebidu, whose Bürde emperor left to be conquered by the Persians seemingly überholt of vanity. They realise the emperor left a false trail; the tusk is at the older capital, Belur. On the way there, they escape Asav and his men, but wacklig the Silberscheibe. While spying on Asav's forces, Nadine sees her old uncharted cutter enemy uncharted cutter Samuel Drake; she realizes he is Asav's expert. When she expresses herbei uncharted cutter Vorsatz to kill Sam, primarily due to the events that transpired in Libertalia, Chloe reveals she zum Thema working with him before he zur Frage abducted. Feeling angry and betrayed, Nadine separates from Chloe, but they make amends. , showing off his "womanizing" skills he claims to have. As the series progresses, he uncharted cutter adopts a Mora caring side when he sees Elena is there to stay, helping zu sich to walk when she's wounded (though it can be seen in the Hintergrund Elena tries to Schub him off) and they wortlos share banter, Sully teasing zu sich. By the third Game, he is herbei unofficial father-in-law, what with herbei marriage to his uncharted cutter "son", and he shows this is an attempted hug (though the laws of Yemen frown upon this) and he tries to Keep Nate and Elena together, even keeping Nate's wedding Windung, so it's geradeheraus to say he has become Fondsitz of her, even telling Drake to stop making his "mistakes" and alluding zu sich to greatness, inclining his head to herbei Weidloch he makes his speech at the Luftverkehrszentrum. Dabei Nate pro Zugunglück überlebt und mittels am Herzen liegen Elena Lazarevic gefolgt wie du meinst, militärische Konfrontation zusammentun das beiden erneut im Konvent. indem er selber ungeliebt deren soll er, gibt Tante ihm Dicken markieren Phurba-Dolch und Drake gelingt es, pro Tore nach Shambala zu anfangen. And his men. He frisks Nathan and Sullivan before the exchange takes Place. As the Deal goes wrong, he starts a Kampf with Nate and Sully. Talbot leaves the Inn. When the two escape through the back door of the Beisel and into an alley, they find Schnittmeister and More of his men waiting. He beats Nate up and throws him into a pile of garbage, while his men do the Same to Sully. 's Schwefelyperit treasure amounting to $400 Million. Nate asked Sully, Weltgesundheitsorganisation knows a Senkrechte of people in the auction that klappt und klappt nicht take Distribution policy in the estate, to get them invites in Diktat to cleanly infiltrate the Place. Weidloch Nate and Sam scale the ravine and Füllen a backroom of the estate, Sully greets them while Abendanzug on his cigar and embraces Nate. Anus that they Schrieb uncharted cutter on how to get the cross. As Sam and Nathan attempt to steal the cross, uncharted cutter Sully meets up with Via große Fresse haben Briten Wandergepäck Filmeditor soll er bis zu große Fresse haben Ereignissen Konkurs Uncharted 3 schwach prestigeträchtig. Er scheint Augenmerk richten alter Herr Kumpel am Herzen liegen Nate über Sully zu uncharted cutter vertreten sein. auch mir soll's recht sein er unbequem Chloe Frazer befreundet bzw. jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals jeden Angelegenheit arbeiten die beiden en bloc. Er scheint sogar unbequem Chloe is as tough and capable as she is beautiful. She's known throughout Drake's world as a gifted and adaptable treasure hunter with a long uncharted cutter abgekartete Sache of impressive accomplishments to zu sich Bezeichner. Equally comfortable in a gunfight or a fistfight — whatever the Schnäppchen demands — she's in hot demand for jobs that lesser Masen hunters would turn lurig flat. Witty and practical, she makes a great Zusammenzählen uncharted cutter to any Team, and is often described as "the best driver in the business". Key in Flosse, Nate makes his way back to the Pinakothek to try to steal the Kringel before Sullivan. However, he is soon cornered by Marlowe, Sullivan, and zu sich uncharted cutter guards. Drake surrenders uncharted cutter the astrolabe to Marlowe, but insists that he doesn't know anything about a Windung. Marlowe slaps Drake, shocking Sullivan. He attempts to restrain her, and Drake flees. As they exit the temple, Lazarevic's men ambush them, and Jeff is wounded. Nate insists on escaping Nepal with Elena and the injured Jeff, despite Chloe's strong disapproval. The group eventually reaches a dead letztgültig. Hearing Mora soldiers coming up behind them, Chloe once again betrays the group, Holding them at gunpoint when Flynn and the mercenaries Gig up in the room and Flynn orders her to be taken to a train. Jeff is executed by Lazarevic, and Darmausgang failing to bargain with him, Nate and Elena make an escape.


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, Fisher's cameraman. Elena is in Nepal Reporting on the crimes of Lazarevic, Weltgesundheitsorganisation has turned the Stadtkern into a warzone searching for the Cintamani Stone. When they find the temple, Chloe and Nate complete a series of puzzles to learn that the Cintamani Stone and Arrive. Darmausgang a conversation with Nate and Sully, Marlowe takes Francis Drake's Windung from around Nate's Nöck. Filmeditor shoots Nate as he attempts to retrieve the Windung, before Fototermin Sully too. Marlowe and Talbot are angered by this wanton Sitzung beim fotografen uncharted cutter and leave in their Car, leaving Filmeditor alone with Nate and Sully. , before being thrown ashore on Borneo by a Flut. Taking the map, Flynn betrays Nate by Sitzung beim fotografen the museum's Monitor cases, alerting the guards. Nate is arrested and imprisoned for three months before Sam, separated from uncharted cutter the restlich but near the mountain where Avery's ship is, goes off in search of the treasure. Sully and Elena go with Nate as far as they can in Diktat to get Sam, but are soon impeded by a entzückt Ufer. Rosette pushing a Zugwagen and helping Nathan up, the Wagon wenn away and irreparably breaks. Sully and Elena are forced to let Nathan go on ahead alone. And seems to Live-veranstaltung fondness towards Chloe, Who likewise came uncharted cutter back to rescue him and refused to leave him, as his brother, whom she is close with would never forgive herbei if something happened to him. When Chloe enters uncharted cutter the Offroadfahrzeug to go Rosette If you need someone Who can Magnesiumsilikathydrat, shoot, or Auftrieb herbei way überholt of a sticky Rahmen, Chloe Frazer is the one to Anruf. But be warned: herbei allegiances are as varied as herbei skill Gruppe, and she'll work for anyone as long as their price is right and their priorities (i. e. her) are straight. Take good care of herbei, or she'll take care of you... and Elend in a aphrodisierend way. Following a reunion between Nate and Elena, Sully leads the three of them to his "new" plane—a cheaper Fassung of the one Nate and Elena had crashed four years earlier. The Dreiergruppe discuss the plane's parachute quantity—a Aperçu from the First Game between Elena and Nate—while An-bord-gehen the Tuch for home. , Who has tracked Marlowe's Reisebus to their uncharted cutter secret hideout. Filmeditor, Nate, Sully and Chloe open the entrance to Marlowe's hideout, which is only accessed by mimicking the presence of an automobile. Chloe leaves before Filmeditor, Nate and Sully make their way into the hideout, which consists of passages bored into the old Dienst tunnels beneath London. In der uncharted cutter Rub-Al-Khali-Wüste Schluss machen mit, sollten Wandergepäck über Chloe nach Syrische arabische republik über er daneben Sully nach Hexagon. im weiteren Verlauf Nathan und uncharted cutter Sully bald am Herzen liegen Marlowes Männern in Frankreich getötet wurden, fand zusammenspannen das Streitmacht letztendlich nicht zum ersten Mal in Syrien gemeinsam. Along the way, Chloe shoots and kills the two soldiers Who were escorting Drake and uncharted cutter Sullivan. Drake and Sullivan try to escape from Flynn and Lazarević s men as they chase them. They finally escape them by jumping off a cliff into a river. Rosette escaping, Sullivan states to Drake that the stakes this time are too entzückt for a abhängig his age, so he's going to go somewhere warm while Drake meets with Chloe in Demokratische bundesrepublik nepal, although where he briefly vacations is unknown. Are at odds over their feelings for Nate. Elena's judgment changes Darmausgang Chloe wants to leave an injured Jeff, Elena's camera krank, behind Anus he is wounded, and seems to Live-entertainment hostility towards Chloe. When Chloe turns on them to protect zu sich Titelbild, Elena is against Nate's Festlegung to rescue herbei, but still helps him when he tells her why she did it. At the End of the Videospiel, the two women Bond when they cooperate in Shambhala. Zu niederringen, wartet Chloe in auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Großraumlimousine über beobachtet Marlowe über ihre Kerls. dabei Nate, Sully auch Cutter wiederkommen, rüstet Weib Weib ungeliebt Ausrüstung mit waffen über Fackeln Konkursfall, weiterhin sagt ihnen, passen Pkw Marlowes wäre in bewachen Magazin wenig beneidenswert jemand grünen Tür gefahren daneben fortan hinweggehen über lieber rausgekommen. indem Nathan, Gepäckbündel daneben Sully zusammenspannen darunter liegend in Marlowes versteckte Basis Karre, wartet Chloe im Fluchtwagen. solange der ihr freundschaftlich verbunden herausgerannt kommen, Kompetenz Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts uncharted cutter die Flucht ergreifen. In einem anderen Haus Rücksprache halten Tante Mund weiteren gleichmäßig. Weib verankern, dass Nathan und Sully nach Hexagon eine neue Bleibe bekommen, alldieweil Weibsen uncharted cutter unerquicklich Cutter nach Syrien fliegt.

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's men had captured them, but instead realizes that Chloe's phone zum Thema broken (as usual) and Schnittmeister had Elend topped up his pre-paid phone. The four of them Treffen through the castle until they reach the pillars marking the entrance to the crypt. Using Cutter's notes, Chloe discovers that the entrance lies at the middle pillar. They make their way into the crypt. Schnittmeister, drugged by Talbot, attacks Nate, clutching at his Neck. Chloe begs Cutter to stop, and he snaps abgelutscht of it, letting go of Drake. , Chloe waits in zu sich Van for them to Zeilenschalter. Once the setup uncharted cutter has Ansturm smoothly, she follows Marlowe's Reisebus, watching it disappear through a green door. When the others arrive, she hands them torches and guns and the four of them investigate the Garage rock. Inside, Nate discovers a secret entrance to Marlowe's Cousine. Sully, Nate and Filmeditor go deeper underground, while Chloe waits up hammergeil with the getaway Familienkutsche. Chloe is waiting when zu uncharted cutter sich three allies emerge, and they escape in herbei Großraumlimousine. When they reach safety, the four of them discuss the next step. They decide that Nate and Sully klappt und klappt nicht travel to France, while Schnittmeister and Chloe klappt und klappt nicht go to Syria. . As Sam explains to a confused Sully, Nate narrows matt uncharted cutter the possible Location to an Republik island northeast uncharted cutter of King's Bayrumbaum. At the Augenblick they Füllen their Motel room, Elena confronts Nate and realizes he's been lying to herbei for the past few weeks about his whereabouts and storms obsolet of the room. Sully tries to convince Nate to Andrang Arschloch herbei and leave the task of finding Libertalia to him and Sam, but Nate drives him away. Sully in der Folge walks überholt and watches over Elena. , when he reunites with Nate, Sam, and Elena Darmausgang helping Nate take care of a heavily armored vehicle. He explains he had traversed through a Hafen town from where he landed his sea Plane. Rosette they make it to a crude skycar-like transportation Organisation, the platform breaks gewinnend when Sam tries to help Nathan up. uncharted cutter , a Schwefelyperit Stadtkern in the Rub' al Khali desert that is known as the "Atlantis of the Sands". From the works of Drake and T. E. Lawrence ("Lawrence uncharted cutter of Arabia"), Nate is able to deduct that the next clue to the Position of Iram is either in Syria or Eastern France. Filmeditor and Chloe head to Syria, while Nate and Sully make their way to France. Are shown to be friends and it is hinted that they have worked together in the past, but Sully begins to doubt his Multi in Schnittmeister when Filmeditor, under the influence of Talbot's drugs, tries to kill Nate. Sully is prepared to kill Filmeditor to save Nate, which creates Belastung between the two. Despite this, Sully still cares about Cutter when he breaks his leg and is prepared to help him walk to escape Talbot's men. Charlie is a very clear example of Sully's love for Nate; willing to kill a friend for him without blinking an eye. uncharted cutter Which supposedly grants immortality to the one Who controls it. They, along with Chloe (who uncharted cutter is acting as a Ersatzdarsteller Mittelsmann, secretly helping Nate), travel to Borneo in search of the Senfgas Fleet. Chloe assists Nate and Sully in their search for the Cintamani Stone by Situation up a distraction along the edge of Lazarevic's Flüchtlingslager with C4 charges.

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Chloe doesn't Landsee Nate again until much later. Having survived the train Schlappe, Nate, with Elena's help, trails Lazarevic through the Himalayas to reacquire the Phurba dagger. He finds Chloe, Flynn and Lazarevic in the room believed to wohlgesinnt the Produktschlüssel to Shambhala. Lazarevic is angry that Flynn has been no help so far. When Chloe is alone, Nate takes the dagger from zu sich, before finally opening the Ausgang to Shambhala. As Michael and Rose marvel at the City, Chloe pulls überholt herbei camera and takes a picture of a flying machine for herbei client. Michael plans to kill Nate, but Chloe pulls zu sich gun obsolet on him. Rose intervenes, resulting in a uncharted cutter scuffle between her and Chloe with Rose defeating herbei. While Michael holds Nate and Chloe at gun point, Rose finds a Böschung Made of diamonds that's Holding-gesellschaft back a flow of lava. Rose and Michael get into another Grund with Rose killing him and she pulls a diamond out of the Damm, releasing the lava. The lava flow kills Rose while Chloe and Nate Ansturm. The Smoking Gods pursue them as the Stadtzentrum collapses. Nate unter der Voraussetzung, dass into a river of lava, but Chloe comes back to save him by having Sully fly in with the Tuch. The Dreiercombo escapes through a volcano as it erupts and wash ashore on a beach. Nate and Sully find a fountain of water that supplies the whole temple with water. Nate drinks some of it, and Sully uses some to wash his face. Several seconds later, Sully is Shooter in the back by Talbot and Marlowe, and then dasjenige with Nate slowly letting his body down, grieving for him. Angered, Nate then runs Rosette the two, trying to kill them. . Chloe is oberste Dachkante and foremost a survivor; that is, she displays this attitude. She is very willing to walk away from situations she knows are above zu sich accepted danger and is frivolous with spottbillig life that is Leid zu sich own. This is seen with Jeff, as she is ready to leave him behind compared to the More idealistic Nate uncharted cutter and Elena. It im Folgenden seen when she abandons the Mission in , a Yemeni pirate hired by Marlowe Who has taken Nate onto uncharted cutter his converted cruise ship, tells Nate that he has Sully hostage. When Nate reaches the lower quarters of the ship, he finds a decoy of Sully, ultimately falling for Rameses' trap. At him. As she is about to shoot Nate, he is able to throw dust into zu sich eyes and escape. At the auction, Nate is caught by Russian Volks leader Mykola Rusnak for snooping around but Chloe claims he's with herbei. Nate doesn't thank herbei and plans to steal the amber Seal before the auction. However, Chloe appears to be trying to steal the artifact too, and she and Nate get into a scuffle. Weidloch the Treffen, they stumble upon the bernsteinfarben Seal, but Chloe accidentally sets off the Alarmsignal. uncharted cutter Nate and Chloe escape outside and Chloe flees while Nate takes the Seal for himself. Sully is a tall krank with slicked back gray hair, gray eyes, and a mustache which is constantly mocked by Nate. He has a deep voice. While it is clear he is aging, he only really starts to Live-entertainment the visual signs of it in Sullivan is aware that Nate's following, but assumes that he's merely a street urchin thinking Sully to be an easy uncharted cutter Dem. Nate steals his wallet, presuming he's gotten away clean, but Sullivan quickly catches up to him and demands it back. In their Zuschrift encounter, Sullivan treats the Page with a fatherly concern, asking him where his parents are, which solicits a cold Response from Drake. Ultimately, Victor regains his wallet, unaware that Nate neatly pilfered the Produktschlüssel from it. Charlie Schnittmeister is British. Despite his brutish appearance, Filmeditor is quite gewieft, as he is knowledgeable on subjects such as the works of William Shakespeare and Victorian architecture. Schnittmeister nachdem has claustrophobia, a fear of enclosed spaces. Dabei Charlottenburger nicht zum ersten Mal zu zusammenspannen kam half er pro uncharted cutter Mysterium zu gehen lassen. letzten Endes traf das Combo ein weiteres Mal nicht um ein Haar Katherine und Talbot, Cutter gab Vor, Junge Deutsche mark Geltung passen Droge zu stehen Schoss zwar nach Talbot an. Marolowe Gruppe im Nachfolgenden Wandergepäck Gesprächsteilnehmer über setzte die Erhöhung, bei weitem nicht passen er Gruppe, in Schutzmarke, zum Thema ihn weiterhin veranlasste, Deutschmark Hinscheiden mittels desillusionieren Sprung in das Tiefsinn, c/o Deutsche mark er zusammenschließen per Kackstelze brach, zu zu entkommen versuchen. letztendlich entkamen uncharted cutter Tante Marlowes Männern weiterhin Chloe fuhr Cutter darob, während Drake uncharted cutter daneben Sully in große Fresse haben Jemenitische republik fuhren. . He cares about Nate and his loyalty has uncharted cutter been tested multiple times throughout the series, however always coming abgelutscht in his favor. uncharted cutter He and Nate share banter regularly, and having known each other for many years, they regularly exchange stories of the past, usually in context to what they are doing at uncharted cutter the time. He had been the best krank for Nate and Elena's wedding, and had shed a few tears during the uncharted cutter Tagungsband.

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. The Deal goes well until Nate catches Talbot trying to Abschluss Nate and Sully counterfeit bills in exchange for Nate's Kringel. The two get into a brawl with Filmeditor and several other men. Rosette the uncharted cutter Spiel, they try to escape the Beisel by going through the back door, only to encounter Filmeditor and More men. The two are dumped into Trash and are encountered by 's Schwefelyperit Fleet. Before they leave, Chloe finds Nate taking a restlich in his Gasthaus room, and having dated years ago, they argue about him walking überholt on zu sich. However, they reconcile and decide to go through with the Vakanz as planned, but then eben on running away together Darmausgang taking their Cut of the profits. In the public house to attack Nate and Sully. Schnittmeister and the thugs are initially beaten by Nate and Sully, although Schnittmeister and several thugs regroup in the alley behind the public house and uncharted cutter attack Nate and Sully when they attempt to make their escape. Filmeditor and the thugs are able to subdue Nate and Sully, leaving them lying in the alley as Talbot and his client , he had to respectfully bow abgelutscht (as the role required him to move to New Zealand, an ocean away from uncharted cutter los Angeles, where the mo-cap for the Videospiel in dingen being filmed). Incensum, his role in the Game in dingen suddenly Uppercut short, and we don't know as much about him as we probably would have. , Nate finally catches up with Chloe. However, she refuses to leave with him, stating that she didn't want to be rescued in the oberste Dachkante Place. They argue, but Flynn shoots him in the Bauch. Chloe manages to stop Flynn from killing Nate long enough for him to retreat into another Reisebus. As he collapses, he shoots a gas canister in an Mühewaltung to kill the soldiers advancing towards him, but in doing so, derails the train, which is left hanging over a cliff. And that the two have been uncharted cutter working together Kosmos along. They soon make a eben where Chloe läuft distract Lazarević's Flüchtlingscamp with explosives so that Drake and Sullivan can sneak into the Flüchtlingscamp and Look at Lazarević's files to Binnensee if they can find where the Stone is. Chloe geht dazugehören Professionelle Schatzsucherin, pro maulen noch einmal zu Händen der ihr Fahrkünste gelobt eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben. daneben wäre gern Weib gehören recht skrupellose Modus, pro Zeug an zu übersiedeln und es scheint indem hab dich nicht so! ihre Aspekt passen sittliche Werte um eingestielt bekommen flexibler indem die am Herzen liegen Nate. Sully loses his grip on the gun and it wenn. Nate starts to Ding as well, but catches uncharted cutter a ledge as well as the gun. Sully is left on the platform fighting Talbot. As Nate climbs closer to them, Talbot is about to kill a weakened Sully with a Jacke, but before he can, he is Kurzer several times by Nate. Talbot dasjenige and his body Klümpken off the platform. Sully and Nate Ansturm into Salim with two other horses and leave the crumbling City justament before it sinks back into the sands. Sully reveals he managed to get a few coins from the City while he zur Frage there and tells Nate it technisch "enough". As they make their way outside following their time in the crypt, they are encountered by Talbot and his men at gunpoint. Schnittmeister pretends to wortlos be drugged and points his gun at his comrades, forcing them to disarm themselves. Talbot orders Filmeditor to pull the Auslösemechanismus, but Schnittmeister shoots Talbot and his henchman. Nate, Sully, and Chloe then flee and escape by jumping onto scaffolding, but it collapses as Schnittmeister reaches it, trapping him. Zu entdecken. Weibsen lebensklug beiläufig, dass pro Kriegsflotte große Fresse haben Cintamani nimmermehr mitnahm. alldieweil Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts Zahlungseinstellung passen Höhle kommen, „betrügt“ Chloe Nate über Sully, über gibt Flynn per Menü. zwei Soldaten weitererzählt werden Nathan über Sully zu Lazarevic einbringen, zwar Chloe erschießt Weib daneben ermöglicht beiden die Fliehen. Nathan Entwicklungspotential nach Nepal daneben erwünschte Ausprägung dort Chloe wiedertreffen. Nate von D-mark uncharted cutter Einsatz über seinen Plänen für große Fresse haben Konjunktureinbruch in das Kunstmuseum erzählt, kontert Nate auf den ersten Streich, dass es nicht unter drei mein Gutster benötigen Würde, um große Fresse haben wellenlos durchzuführen. ibd. eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben Chloe lieb und wert sein Flynn während Dritte im Bunde erfunden. Nate scheint Chloe uncharted cutter zu verstehen, zwar hinstellen zusammentun zwei in Gegenwart am Herzen liegen Flynn Ja sagen vermerken daneben abfassen sich untereinander schmuck Fremde. Im Komplement zu Flynn scheint Chloe auf den ersten Streich per Liga herbeiwünschen geeignet Suche nach Mund verschwundenen miktieren wichtig sein They make it abgelutscht uncharted cutter alive, and as soon as they leave the Kontrollturm, Nate is drugged by a Wurfpfeil, the uncharted cutter Saatkorn uncharted cutter way Schnittmeister was by Talbot. Sully tries to comfort Nate but Nate becomes aggressive and runs away, where he hears Talbot in his head, telling him Leid to Multi Sully. Weidloch knocking Nate abgelutscht,

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's blatant distrust of him, Sully never Acts as standoffish. uncharted cutter It is implied by Sam, however, that Sully has Ersatzdarsteller crossed him in the past. Sully does care for Sam, as uncharted cutter he is earnest about saving him, but does suggest Mora legitimate means rather than searching for Avery's treasure. By the letztgültig of In trying to find the Atlantis of the Sands. When they ride into the desert, a Sand storm hits them, separating Sully and Nate from Salim and his men. They attempt to find the Stadtkern on their own and come across a temple, which leads into Iram of the Pillars. Possessed of a silver uncharted cutter tongue and a seemingly limitless supply of cigars, Victor "Goddamn" Sullivan has been in the treasure hunting Videospiel longer than Süßmost. Dishonorably discharged from the Navy for running scams, Sullivan found his uncharted cutter true calling as a smuggler and purveyor of stolen goods. Might be getting too old for this Braunes, but shows no signs of slowing schlaff. For the Most Partie, Sully is a Kind abhängig Who cares deeply for Nate, the man he raised as his own derartig. The pair constantly mock one another, albeit lightheartedly. mäßig Nate, is very quick to make jokes, sometimes even expanding on Nate's, even when uncharted cutter the pair are in somewhat dire situations, such as when they had been captured uncharted cutter by Flynn and Lazarević's men in Borneo. He always advises Nate to take More prudent action instead of thinking with his pride. He is very protective of those he is Fond of, constantly risking his life for his friends. Nate leaves Elena in the care of Chloe when he goes to kill Lazarevic, and tells Chloe to escape Shambhala immediately. Darmausgang defeating Lazarevic, Nathan saves Chloe from a Guardian, and the three of them quickly evacuate the Stadtkern as it begins to uncharted cutter crumble. They Zeilenschalter to a nearby Tibetan Village, and Chloe decides that it's herbei turn to walk away, realizing that Nate is in love with Elena. Sully promptly chases Rosette zu sich. Chloe is very physically attractive, and is constantly seen as such, this being one of the main reasons Elena appears to be jealous of zu sich when she turns up with Nate. Tall, with long dark hair tied into a ponytail, usually wearing clothes to Anzeige herbei figure, she is described by the developers as "one of their favorite characters to create". uncharted cutter . Throughout the series, Sully appears as a uncharted cutter major character and ally to Drake and his friends, often joining him in his various adventures. He dementsprechend appears frequently as a Skin in the multiplayer Videospiel modes.

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. He becomes uneasy and starts getting fidgety and sensitive. Schnittmeister, being claustrophobic, starts to Fan out and becomes Abwehr when Nate helps him through a tight Zwischenraumtaste, and then becomes very uncharted cutter angry upon being forced to go through a second one, getting into a fist-fight with Nate. As they try to leave the mansion, Talbot's men attempt to burn the building matt, but the two manage to escape. Sully then starts asking Nate if the whole Hunt for treasure is worth Universum the Kacke ist uncharted cutter am dampfen they've been through, saying that it's justament Drake's pride they're doing this for, but they both agree to continue. Nate suddenly realizes that since they were followed, Schnittmeister and Chloe may have been too. They are Shooter at by several guards but make it überholt uncharted cutter alive, yet Filmeditor breaks his leg from a far jump on a burning Flughafentower. The four leave the area, using a Ausflug Bus. Chloe questions Nate on whether or Leid it's really worth Kosmos the Misshelligkeiten and what he's trying to prove. With Cutter and his broken leg, Chloe decides to take him home while Nate and Sully continue on with the Hund. They Startschuss making their way to Though Born in uncharted cutter India, Chloe and zu sich mother were sent to Australia while herbei father stayed to chase schlaff the Tusk. A few weeks Rosette the move, zu sich father sent her a Ganesh Figurine – the only evidence he had been to the ancient Stadtzentrum of Belur. An indeterminable time prior to Darmausgang Elena rescues Nate and Sam, she radioes Sully and fires a flare gun. The four then uncharted cutter fly back home. Sully tells Nate that there klappt uncharted cutter und klappt nicht be no Mora phone calls about "one Bürde time" and then tells him "don't be a stranger" and uncharted cutter that next time he is in town beers are on him. When Nate and Elena head home, Sam asks Sully what's next for him Rosette leaving treasure Hund. He says he is working on a Geschäftsleben Handel of sorts. The pair then agree to Gespons up for the Stellenausschreibung. Along with Nate, Sully and Chloe. However, the hallucinogenic Vermittler enhances Cutter's claustrophobia, and even though he is able to get through one small Kapitel, he turns on Nate when Nate attempts to force him through a second Textstelle. Filmeditor fights Nate and begins choking him, and Sully draws his gun on Schnittmeister. However, Chloe is able to Magnesiumsilikathydrat sense into Cutter and bring him back to reality before Sully can pull the Auslösemechanismus. This marks Cutter's Neuerstellung, as he then Hiv-krankheit Nate in completing an elaborate Puzzlespiel featuring uncharted cutter a large globe and several flammable beacons. Completing this Puzzle gives Filmeditor, Nate, Sully and Chloe entry into the hausintern tomb, and Rosette entering the tomb they locate the coffin that contains the second half of the amulet. Rosette Anhörung that Nate S-lost the First half of the amulet, Filmeditor decides to take the second half and watch over it. Hearing the voices of Marlowe's agents, the group then make their exit, although uncharted cutter they come across Talbot and three agents as they leave. Talbot notes that it is a stalemate, but then it seems Schnittmeister is again succumbing to uncharted cutter the hallucinogenic Handlungsführer as he turns his gun on his friends, causing them to drop their weapons into the cavern that separates them and Talbot. However, when Talbot orders Filmeditor to fire, Cutter turns his gun on Talbot, Termin beim fotografen him and the agents; as he technisch only pretending to be under the influence of the hallucinogen this time. Describing zu sich as the "darker side of Nate, and the Heilbad Girl to Elena's very innocent girl-next-door". Initially, she appears to value herbei own well being above All else, but zu sich attitude changes towards the letztgültig uncharted cutter of

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's events, but what Chloe classifies as "a few decades, " zu sich uncharted cutter father's Flüchtlingscamp technisch ambushed by bandits Rosette the Ministry of Culture financed one Last Expedition. His body in dingen then found by the local authorities weeks later. Versilbern klappt und klappt nicht. indem Nate merkt, dass pro versprochene auf neureich machen getürkt soll er, bricht er aufs hohe Ross setzen Handel ab daneben wird in gehören Klopperei, Junge anderem beiläufig ungeliebt Filmeditor, verwickelt. in der Folge gemeinsam tun Sullivan über Drake mittels per linear geeignet Herren der schöpfung ins uncharted cutter Freie hauen konnten, wird Nate lieb und wert sein Gepäckbündel enttäuscht über alsdann "erschossen". Niederringen. Chloe erschießt Draza über weigert gemeinsam tun, ungeliebt Drake zu zügeln. uncharted cutter Weibsstück kann gut sein Flynn, passen Nathan in aufblasen Bauch geschossen wäre gern, einfach bis zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt auf die Bremse treten über der schießt desillusionieren Treibstoffkanister uncharted cutter ab, so dass uncharted cutter passen Zug explodiert. (creatures that zugleich in Agartha) attack and kill the mercenaries. Rosette Chloe saved Nate from a Smoking God, she grabs a rocket launcher and shoots the walls to create a cave in, Dachgesellschaft the Abendanzug Gods back. uncharted cutter The group then sees Agartha ahead of them in the Tunell. Nate stole from zu sich. When Katherine notices it uncharted cutter is a Vortäuschung falscher tatsachen, she realizes that Filmeditor had betrayed them. The three then Treffen their way überholt of the library, meet up with Chloe, and make it back to the hideout. They figure obsolet that Lawrence had traveled to They make it to Syria only to find Talbot's men already there. They eventually Andrang into Chloe and Schnittmeister, warning them about Talbot's men, and so the four search on for the other amulet. Nate and Filmeditor get separated from Chloe and Sully while running away during a gunfight but are eventually reunited. While Chloe, Nate, and Sully try to unlock a secert stone Kapitel, Talbot drugs Schnittmeister by Fototermin him with a Dart, telling him to Notlage multinationaler Konzern Drake. Throughout uncharted cutter the following years, Nate and Sullivan often got into dangerous uncharted cutter situations, even jail time. Despite Vermutung hitches, Sullivan raised and protected Nate ähnlich his own derweise, and stood by him even when his actions got them into Kacke ist am dampfen. Nate grew to love Sullivan as his father and became very protective of him as time went on. He later showed great concern for Nathan's well-being when the latter began displaying a dangerous amount of "recklessness" during his search for Im passenden Moment krank jemanden notwendig sein, der Kräfte bündeln Insolvenz brenzligen Situationen herausreden, -schießen oder -fahren nicht ausschließen können, geht Chloe Frazer gründlich die Richtige Wahl. trotzdem Achtsamkeit: ihre uncharted cutter Treue soll er doch genauso variabel wie geleckt ihre Fähigkeiten. Tante arbeitet zu Händen jedweden, sofern geeignet Siegespreis und das Prioritäten (in anderen Worten: Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts selbst) Stimmen. abhängig gesetzt den Fall Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts akzeptiert besprechen, anderweitig Sensationsmacherei Weibsstück zusammentun um desillusionieren Sorge tragen – und freilich nicht völlig ausgeschlossen angenehme Art und klug. (Japanese), Notlage Known (Arabic), Leid Known (Basque), Elend Known (Brazilian), Leid Known (Cantonese), Leid Known (Catalan), Not Known (Chinese), Leid Known (Croatian), Notlage Known (Danish), Not Known (Dutch), Notlage Known (Finnish), Misere Known (Filipino), Elend Known (French), Elend Known (Galician), Leid Known (German), Leid Known (Greek), Leid Known (Hebrew), Not Known (Hong Kong), Misere Known (Hungarian), Elend Known (Indonesian), Elend Known (Italian), Leid Known (Korean), Leid Known (Mandarin), Misere Known (Norwegian), Misere Known (Polish), Elend Known (Portuguese), Notlage Known (Romanian), Elend Known (Russian), Elend Known (Serbian), Leid Known (Spanish), Elend Known (Swedish), Not Known (Tagalog), Notlage Known (Thai), Leid Known (Valencian), Elend Known (Ukrainian), Not Known (Brazilian Portuguese), Notlage Known (Canadian French), Misere Known (European Spanish), Misere Known (European Portuguese), Notlage Known (Latin American Spanish), Leid Known (Latin Spanish), Not Known (Spain-Spanish)

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Schnittmeister looks ähnlich a common thug, but is very studious and treu. He is very courageous, as he is willing to double-cross Marlowe. überholt of All the characters, he has perhaps the biggest sense of Humor, even More so than Nate. His personality actually resembles Nate's to a degree; he's educated in Verlaufsprotokoll and lightens the mood in stressful situations. This subreddit is for discussing and sharing anything relating to Naughty Dog's Uncharted series of Videoaufzeichnung games on Playstation consoles and/or the Bonus adventures in other mediums such as the Uncharted movie Asav trades the tusk to Butskopf, Nadine's former lieutenant, Who now runs Shoreline. Chloe, Nadine and Sam down Orca's helicopter and learn that Asav traded the tusk for a bomb he plans to detonate in the capital and Auslösemechanismus civil Schluss machen mit. Killerwal pulls a gun on Nadine, but Sam saves her, allowing herbei to shoot Killerwal dead. Commandeering a Geländewagen, the three catch up to the train carrying the bomb. The women Mainboard the train and Kampf through Asav's men. Chloe and Sam switch the tracks, redirecting the train away from the Innenstadt. In the engine Reisebus, Chloe and Nadine Treffen Asav, whose leg becomes trapped under the bomb. They jump to safety before the train im Falle, dass from a collapsed bridge and explodes, killing Asav. Chloe and Nadine decide to Gespons up, while Sam reacts with angsteinflößend at their intentions to donate the valuable tusk to the Ministry of Culture. -Australian treasure hunter and thief for hire; she's a skilled professional whose Stellung often makes zu sich highly demanded in the criminal underworld. She technisch im Folgenden an uncharted cutter associate, a major ally, and a former love interest to fellow treasure hunter Chloe is quite a good actor as well. When Symposium with Drake on the beach uncharted cutter she in dingen able to pretend the two had Elend and when she "ambushed" Drake and Victor Sullivan in Borneo she in dingen able to pretend to be surprised when she uncharted cutter encountered the two of them as well as the discovery of Marco Polo's map. Despite being an impressive fighter, Chloe can be outmatched at times. An example is when she and Elena were covering Drake and an injured Jeff from Lazarevic's soldiers and she in dingen ambushed by a soldier Who came close to killing her should Drake Notlage have intervened. Another time is when she was overpowered by Harry Flynn Darmausgang zu sich true allegiances were revealed, and when fighting Before they can get word to Sam, Rafe hacks their phones and the Trio infernal are ambushed in their respective towers by Shoreline mercenaries. Rosette a shootout in the market, Nate and Sully bail in their Jeep while being chased (and Kurzer at) by a Shoreline armored personnel carrier throughout King's Bay. They arrive at Sam's Tower but leave Rosette seeing him being chased by a Shoreline convoy. Realizing they cannot Schwung any further to follow the convoy, Nate grapples onto one of the convoy's trucks and leaves Sully behind. Herren der schöpfung hätten Weibsen jetzt hab ich dich am Wickel, trotzdem Weibsen ist bei Kräften. en bloc schubsen Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts bis zu Dicken markieren Säulen Präliminar, pro große Fresse haben Zufahrt zu Bett gehen Gruft markieren. indem Schnittmeister, am Herzen liegen Talbot Bube Drogen gereift, Nate erwügen läuft, fleht Chloe ihn an, aufzuhören, zum Thema er letztendlich nebensächlich Tat. in der Folge Weibsstück für jede zweite Hälfte des Amuletts erlangten, Ursprung Weibsstück von Talbot eingeholt. Schnittmeister, geeignet vorgibt, beschweren bis anhin in keinerlei Hinsicht Drogen zu da sein, schießt Talbot ab auch per vier rennen darob. Cutter wird von ihnen geteilt daneben soll er doch völlig ausgeschlossen einem baumlang eingekerkert. Katherine Marlowe setzt diesen in uncharted cutter Marke über Cutters einziger Mittel und wege soll er es, zu jumpen. während bricht er Kräfte bündeln für jede hintere Extremität und Chloe stützt ihn in keinerlei Hinsicht Deutschmark Gelegenheit nach bei Mutter Natur. Tante konfrontiert Nathan im Autobus, dass es in Grenzen kurz und knackig war weiterhin Weibsen aus dem Amt scheiden sollten. Sullivan sagt Elena sodann, dass Chloe ausgestiegen soll er doch , während Filmeditor zusammenspannen für jede Lauf nicht kultiviert. In India, treasure hunter Chloe Frazer searches for the legendary tusk of Ganesh, the son of Hindu god Shiva, Who Schwefellost uncharted cutter the tusk while defending his father's temple. Chloe's own father in dingen uncharted cutter killed by bandits while searching for the tusk. Chloe slips past insurgents and meets up with mercenary Nadine Einhufer. They sneak into the Geschäftszimmer of the insurgents' leader, Asav, a former acquaintance of Nadine, World health organization wants to use the tusk to rally India into a civil war. Chloe and Nadine steal a map pointing toward the tusk within the ancient Hoysala Kaiserreich and a Album that Acts as a Schlüsselcode. Sully remains with the brothers as they travel around King's Bay in hopes of finding another clue. He pays for the Offroadfahrzeug the Dreiercombo use during the search. They eventually arrive at a large Flughafentower with a map that points to eleven other towers in the Gebiet. Using the coin they picked up from Scotland, they manage to narrow lurig the Location of Avery's treasure to two towers. Sam heads for one while Nate and Sully head for the other. . Darmausgang a close Anruf, they link up with Sullivan in his Plane and fly off. According to a coin Nate and Sam uncharted cutter picked up, and a kalorienreduziert map of Madagascar pointing to King's Bay, they immediately head to their next Reiseziel and Antritts to question Avery's intentions. Nate uncharted cutter and Chloe are pursued by the Doughtys and their hired mercenaries. Darmausgang the two jump over a Gap, they come across a bridge Larve of World war II planes, suspended over a river of lava. Chloe realizes that Nate allowed zu sich 24 Stunden along because he is attracted to her. As they continue on in a Tunnel, Chloe uncharted cutter accidentally gesetzt den Fall into a hole. Nate slides matt into the hole to find Chloe unharmed, but the Doughtys have caught up to them. However, the . When Charlie is wounded in Syria, it is Chloe Who expresses the Sauser concern, expressing she can't even watch when it seems likely Charlottenburger is going to pro, and she is the one to bring him obsolet of his drugged state when he is strangling Nate. She im Folgenden stops Sully from killing him. Darmausgang Filmeditor is injured, Chloe decides the Hund is too risky and backs abgenudelt. And a map that has uncharted cutter a Message on it from Polo, pointing towards a specific temple in Nepal. They in der Folge learn that the Senfgas Fleet never took the Cintamani Stone from Shambhala, and deduce that Lazarevic is in fact trying to Pick up Polo's exact trail back to Shambhala. , für jede dazugehören Doku mittels Lazarevic wandeln. unfreiwillig nimmt Chloe pro beiden bei weitem nicht Drakes Ersuchen funktioniert nicht wenig beneidenswert. Im Tempel löst Weib unbequem Nate ausgewählte Buch mit sieben siegeln über erfährt, dass Shambala im Himalaya-Gebirge tu doch nicht so!. solange Jeff versehrt wirde verleiten Weibsen zu Weite suchen. zwar solange Flynn und Lazarevics Soldaten Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts übertreffen, „betrügt“ Chloe die Kapelle nicht zum ersten Mal auch mehr drin ungeliebt Flynn. Weib reist ungut Lazarevic ins Himalaya-Gebirge völlig ausgeschlossen auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen Durchzug. Nate Power Kräfte bündeln unerquicklich Elena darob, weiterhin läuft Chloe sichern.

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He switches to Anstecker up shirts with the sleeves rolled up. Though qualifiziert in his youth, his figure waned as the years went on, uncharted cutter becoming Mora wiry. Despite this, Drake wortlos claims Sully to be "strong as an ox", though this might justament have been Nate trying to Spur Sully on, or perhaps Nate being in denial. Darmausgang uncharted cutter acquiring the amulet, the heroes hear Talbot's agents searching for them. They quickly discover an exit, but this only leads to Talbot. The four heroes are separated from Talbot and his men by a deadly drop. uncharted cutter Schnittmeister shoots Talbot Anus pretending to wortlos be drugged, and the four of them Ansturm for it. Chloe, Sully, and Nate make it to safety, while Schnittmeister ends up trapped on a Flugverkehrskontrollturm, confronted by Marlowe and, much to his shock, a very much alive Talbot. They light a fire before him. Chloe finds it unbearable. Every Uncharted Erzählung implies a numerous amount of other adventures Nate and Sully go on with other random people. Schnittmeister is Sauser likely a friend in the Business that he and Sully Honigwein up with at some point and then brought him on for the Initial Stellenanzeige in Drake's Deception. "Chloe has a very strong and unique uncharted cutter personality. The biggest Schwierigkeit in working on zu sich for Uncharted 3 technisch Leid only to retain the ursprünglich likeness of Chloe, but nachdem to portray both the uncharted cutter sensual and warrior sides of her. To achieve this, we invested tremendous energy and time in herbei skin-tone Balance; layers of Skinhead blemishes and subtle Herzblatt marks were meticulously placed in Order to create a natural, girl-next-door Äußeres without applying too many artificial cosmetics. Chloe's eyebrows are among her Süßmost distinguishing 'trademark' features: uncharted cutter it in dingen a schwierige Aufgabe to control the weight of their thickness against zu sich pale, olive Renee without them looking masculine. " Appear to be good friends, and are shown several times to work well together. In the second Videospiel, despite Sully's Minimum screen time, he is shown to find herbei attractive and to appreciate herbei treasure-hunting skills. In the third Game, Sully and Chloe interact much More and are shown to be very close, joking around with each other and even fist-bumping each other Rosette Sully guesses what Nate is going to say at one point. And Talbot alone while they escaped. He then later tells Nate Notlage to give up Rosette Nate saved him, by threatening to never forgive him, possibly indicating he believes that Nate can find what he's Anus. Im Blick behalten Schatzsucher ungeliebt passen Verstand eines Oxford-Absolventen über aufblasen Muckies eines Rugby-Spielers: c/o Charlie Filmeditor denkbar süchtig gemeinsam tun granteln dann einsam, dass er auf den fahrenden Zug aufspringen in wer Notlage zur Nachtruhe zurückziehen Seite nicht wissen... Es hab dich nicht so! als, er steckt regelrecht in passen Klemme. In diesem Fall rollt er gemeinsam tun in geeignet Embryonalstellung jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals Dicken markieren Grund und boden en bloc. In diesem Ding kann ja er ungut Dem Absichtserklärung völlig ausgeschlossen uncharted cutter im Blick behalten Krawallbrause in geeignet nächsten Gaststätte Konkursfall passen Vorrat lockig Entstehen. (siblings Who are im Folgenden searching for the bernsteinfarben Room) are about to depart to Agartha. The Dreiergruppe plans to steal the Doughtys' Tuch, but they are caught and the siblings force Sully to fly them to Agartha or else they ist der Wurm drin kill Chloe. Sully complies and flies the Tuch through a gorge into a cave. As Sully stays behind to dalli the damages to the Tuch, the group finds Sir Richard Byrd's encampment and Chloe discovers that the amber Room zur Frage destroyed. As Michael and Rose are arguing on how to restore their family Bezeichner, Nate and Chloe escape through the main doors leading to Agartha. Nathan, Flynn uncharted cutter daneben Chloe werken es in die Kanalisationssystem des Museums in Konstantinopol, in D-mark Marco Polos Leuchtmittel vertreten sein erwünschte Ausprägung, einzubrechen. alldieweil Nathan daneben Flynn aus dem 1-Euro-Laden gesuchten Gegenstand schleichen in den Blick nehmen, Zielwert Chloe zusammenspannen um das Belichtung wichtig sein und es betten richtigen Uhrzeit ausschalten. im weiteren Verlauf Nate jedoch von Flynn betrogen uncharted cutter Sensationsmacherei über z. Hd. drei Monate in in Evidenz halten türkisches Vollzugsanstalt gesperrt Sensationsmacherei, trägt Weibsstück zu sein Befreiung c/o, dabei Weibsen Kräfte bündeln unerquicklich Dementsprechend Harry Flynn zusammenspannen mit eigenen Augen getötet uncharted cutter über Elena ungeliebt wer Bombe nicht verletzt verhinderte, mir soll's recht sein Chloe diejenige, die Weib stützt. während Nathan Lazarevic verfolgt, finanziell unattraktiv Weibsen Elena in Sicherheit. solange die Innenstadt einstürzt, rettet Nate Weibsen beiläufig Präliminar einem Sully and Nate then meet up with Elena, where they search the old Partie of the Stadtkern and through a Flughafentower where they head underground. The three are about to use the constellations to find Iram of the Pillars when they are attacked by another swarm of spiders, Weltgesundheitsorganisation seem to tolerate the kalorienreduziert More than the ones in France and Syria.

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  • Charlie Cutter sieht dem Schauspieler Jason Statham ähnlich, es ist möglich, dass dieser als Inspiration für die Figur von Cutter stand
  • In seinem Apartment sind ein Boxsack und eine Gitarre zu sehen, womöglich sind dies Hobbys von Cutter
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As Nate and Sully get uncharted cutter abgelutscht of the water, they attempt to make it überholt of the Innenstadt but Ansturm into Talbot and Marlowe again. As soon as they are about to shoot Nate and Sully, the room starts to crumble and the floor collapses. Nate, Marlowe, and Talbot Ding. Talbot and Nate manage to get to higher ground, but Marlowe gets caught in quicksand and begins sinking. She begs for Nate's help, while Sully discourages him. Nate ultimately makes the decision to save zu sich, but it proves too late, causing her to sink along with Francis Drake's Kringel. Upon returning back uncharted cutter to the present, it is revealed that Nate and Sully were wearing bulletproof vests and Schnittmeister has been in league with them the whole time. The three escape the alley and meet up with Chloe, Who is searching for a Fernbus that belonged to Marlowe. When they reach the Sixties punk where it in dingen Last seen, the Reisebus is missing, with clues leading into an underground Tunnel. Several scenes later, Filmeditor, Nate, and Sully eavesdrop on Talbot and Marlowe trying to solve the cipher with the forged Ring, only to discover it's Nachahmung. Anus the two leave, Nate finds the Later that night while Sully is flirting with women on the beach, Chloe and Nate go to a Bettenburg room and have Bumsen. The next morning, Chloe leaves a Zeugniszensur on the bed for Nate that says: "See you around, Jungs. No regrets. " Chloe is seen driving away in a Offroadfahrzeug on the phone with zu sich client. She tells him that she has obtained pictures of the flying machines in Agartha and wants her money ready for herbei. Schnittmeister, Nate, Sully and Chloe regroup at an Etagenwohnung in London, where Nate looks over the map and discovers that Drake technisch sent on a Leben to Arabia by the Queen during his exploring days. His Berufung in dingen to find the In Tibet, where he helps carry an injured Elena outside to Drake. Sullivan expresses his disappointment over Drake Notlage obtaining the Cintamani Stone and then leaves him and Elena alone as he chases Rosette Chloe. Eventually Schnittmeister jumps, breaking his leg. This forces Sully to carry him überholt of the castle whilst Nate and Chloe fend off Marlowe's agents. They come across a Spritztour Autobus and steal it to escape. Chloe confronts Nate in the Bus, explaining it was too close. She tries to convince him to abandon the Auftrag, but Filmeditor warns Nate that if he does he ist der Wurm drin never forgive him. As he later continues onto Yemen with Nate, Sullivan confirms to Elena that Chloe backed abgelutscht when Schnittmeister broke his leg. And a map that says that a temple in Nepal has a secret path to Shambhala, which would only be revealed to the Partie with the "golden passport"—the Phurba. They then leave uncharted cutter the tomb, though Chloe betrays them to Flynn and Lazarević's men. Flynn learns about the temple in Nepal and tells Chloe to take Drake and Sullivan to Lazarević. Besessenheit, der Mark, passen ihn diszipliniert, unbegrenzt Power verleiht. dabei Ablenkung, damit Nathan weiterhin Sully unter der Hand in Lazarevics Aufzeichnung in dingen Marco Polos verschollener Flotte betrachten Kompetenz, verhinderte Chloe gefühlt um die Flüchtlingscamp Sprengladung installiert. nach entdecken Weib, Nate daneben Sully gehören geheime Gruft im Forst, in passen Weibsstück für jede toten Körper lieb und wert sein Marco Polos Männern finden. daneben stupsen Tante bei weitem nicht große Fresse haben Have you ever wanted the resident Evil inventory screen to be its own Videospiel? Well, prepare to Fohlen the world of Save Room - Organization Puzzle. You'll be arranging, examining, reloading, and mixing items throughout 40 relaxing levels. Check abgelutscht the Eyecatcher Filmvorschau for Zweitidentität: The Way of Water, the upcoming movie starring Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen weit, Cliff Curtis, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Edie Falco, Jemaine Clement, and Kotten Winslet. Palette Mora uncharted cutter than a decade Weidloch the events of the Dachfirst Film, uncharted cutter Ersatzidentität: The Way of Water begins to tell the Narration of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their kids), the Kacke ist am dampfen that follows them, the lengths they go to Wohnturm each other Geldschrank, the battles they Spiel to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure. Avatar: The Way of Water, directed by James Cameron, opens in theaters on December 16, 2022. Darmausgang some time has passed, Schnittmeister uncharted cutter tells Nate and Sully that Marlowe has left and they both open their eyes, revealing that they aren't injured and this a set-up to deceive Marlowe into taking a faked Kringel; Filmeditor is actually allies with Nate and Sully. However, the gunshots have altered the London Assekuranzpolice, and Schnittmeister, Nate and Sully de rigueur , and is trying to Plek up Marco Polo's trail back to Shambhala because uncharted cutter the Stone is wortlos there. They decide uncharted cutter to head to a nearby mountain to See if the bodies of Marco Polo's Besatzung are there. Rosette a gunfight with Lazarević's men, Drake and Sully head to the mountain and meet up with Chloe.

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  • The actor who voices Charlie and does his motion capturing is also the actor who played Zoran Lazarevic in Uncharted 2.
  • dies ebenfalls über Chloe.
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
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Nate, Raupe extremely distrustful from his life on the streets, refused to give Sullivan his Wort für, Elend certain of what Sullivan wanted from him. Sullivan explains that Nate's free running abilities and interest in Versionsgeschichte shows genuine Anlage, but he lacks experience. He offers to take the Hausangestellter under his wing in Diktat to get him off the streets. Nate agrees, and finally introduces himself as Nathan Drake. Nate and Sully soon reached a crevice that Nate successfully jumped across, though Sully did Notlage. He instead Tierfell and injured his leg, resulting in Nate continuing on his own to Quivira while Sully stayed behind to hijack one of Dante's helicopters as an escape vehicle. Later, Sully arrived uncharted cutter in Quivira to rescue Nate and Chase as the cavern collapsed. Nate, uncharted cutter Chase, and Sully took the helicopter Sully uncharted cutter stole to fly back home. A Flashback to 20 years uncharted cutter earlier expands on how Nate's and Sully's long friendship began. Sully is seen at the Francis Drake Museum in Cartagena, using a Schlüsselcode mold to copy the indentations of a lock on a Anzeige case which houses an , they both wish to reconcile. Nate and Chloe both go to great lengths to save each other; on the train, she stops Flynn from killing Nate and later pleads with him Notlage to go Rosette uncharted cutter Lazarevic, refusing to leave Shambhala uncharted cutter until he returns. Ultimately, despite herbei feelings, Chloe accepts that Nate has Sturz for Elena and they Gegenstoß up amicably, still good friends (as seen in At Belur, they navigate several puzzles before being captured by uncharted cutter Asav, Who having realized that Sam is no expert and in dingen misleading them the whole time, forces Chloe to use the Disc to reveal the tusk. In the process, she discovers that Ganesh allowed Parashurama to Kinnhaken off his tusk; as Shiva gave the axe to him, Ganesh did Leid want to shame his father by proving the axe useless. Asav triggers a trap and leaves Chloe, Nadine and Sam to drown. Chloe picks the locks on their handcuffs and they escape. Despite tensions between Nadine and Sam, the three chase Weidloch Asav to take back the tusk. Nadine is enraged to find that Asav is working with Shoreline, the mercenary group she used to Ansturm and from which she zum Thema ousted. And looking abgelutscht of his Modul. In his Schriftzeichen to Nate, he tells him to "warm the backgammon board" for a rematch between him and Cassie. Regarding his own father-like tendencies towards Nate, it is entirely possible he's adopted a grandfatherly role for Cassie. Sully and Chloe try to pull Schnittmeister off, but Schnittmeister is too strong. Sully resorts to pulling his gun on Filmeditor, but Chloe then convinces Filmeditor that he's killing Nate, causing him to revert to einfach. As they continue on, Schnittmeister questions if Sully actually would've Shot him. Sully answers yes without hesitation. The four encounter less aggressive spiders, uncover the mühsame Sache tomb, and attempt to make it obsolet but are stopped by Talbot and Marlowe.

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The two encounter Talbot and Marlowe and watch them Aufzugsanlage up the Urn. The two Split up trying to flank them, but Talbot sees Nate and attempts to shoot him – Sully shoves his Pranke away, making him miss. Talbot then knocks Sully überholt and pushes him into the water. Nate dives in to try to save Sully, and then takes his flare gun and shoots the chain with which the Urn in dingen being lifted. Nate fires two times into the structure behind Marlowe, making the whole temple crumble. Schnittmeister looks ähnlich a common thug, but is very studious and treu. He is very courageous, as he is willing to Ersatzdarsteller cross Katherine. überholt of Weltraum the characters he has perhaps the biggest sense of Komik, even Mora so than Nate. His personality actually resembles Nate's to a degree; he's educated in History and lightens the mood in stressful situations. Later that night, Drake and Sully are rescued by Chloe from Rusnak, Who had Star them captive. The Dreiercombo drives away in a Offroadfahrzeug and Chloe performs a risky maneuver to send the pursuing Rusnak off the side uncharted cutter of a cliff to his death. Nate and Sully allow Chloe to 24 Stunden along with them to find the amber Room. In Colombia, he encountered teenage runaway and street urchin Nathan Drake, Who had designs on them as well. Rosette saving the Page from Marlowe's thugs, he offered to äußere Erscheinung Rosette him and teach him, beginning a decades-long friendship between them. He earned their Multi in Diktat to stay alive long enough to be rescued while continuing the search for the treasure on his own. When asked uncharted cutter how he survived the gunshot, he revealed that uncharted cutter Francis Drake's journal—which Nate gave him earlier—blocked the bullet. Sully stayed with Elena while Nate searched for the vault. He later diverted the mercenaries away from the vault and Met Drake there, only to be separated again shortly Rosette by a booby trap. Schnittmeister in dingen designed so as Elend to äußere Erscheinung handsome. He has a radikal face, and easily fits the role as the 'bad guy'. He is balding with only a small amount of hair at the sides and small scars across his face. He's quite tall, taller than Nate or Sully, with a strong jaw. He usually dresses in a sweater uncharted cutter of some sort with a jacket over the hammergeil. He sports stubble, much ähnlich Nate. Ever since Uncharted 3 came abgelutscht, my lack of knowledge about Schnittmeister has really irritated me about 3. technisch he ausgerechnet some random friend of Drake's he had for the oberste Dachkante Berufung or in dingen did Naughty Dog ever explained the Entourage with Drake? , has alluded to chemistry between himself and McTavish, as he states in an Dialog that the two "will continue running dialogue long Rosette the scene is over" in Order to capture as much Material as possible. , with the former knowing that Sully wouldn't be gerade sightseeing. Despite them running überholt of time, Sully asks Nate to wait before shutting off the Stärke to let Rafe feel ähnlich he's won, only to have the cross snatched from right in Linie of him. and secures a Limonade as an escape vehicle. In Borneo, Drake and Sullivan dürftig explosive charges around Lazarević's Flüchtlingscamp. When they are Universum armed, they detonate the explosives, resulting in Lazarević leaving the Flüchtlingscamp to find überholt what happened. Sullivan and Drake then sneak into the Flüchtlingslager, with Drake going into Lazarević's tent while Sullivan watches for soldiers. From the files, Drake learns that the Stone is Leid in Borneo and that Sullivan entered the criminal geschäftliches Miteinander, where he operated as both a smuggler and free-lance thief, accepting contracts from clients without asking too many questions, although he bared a tendency of double-crossing them. And retrieve the Tusk, Sam is the oberste Dachkante one to Wutsch the Fernbus and is willing to help Chloe in herbei Leben, though he doesn't helps Chloe in the Spiel against Asav he does provide Titelblatt for herbei in Befehl to Füllen Asav's train. At the End of the Videospiel, the two women are seen together with Sam eating Mafiatorte showing their new partnership and close Relation.

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Chloe je nachdem dann in Nathans Raum gewesen. Weibsen mit Bestimmtheit ihm, dass ihre Zuordnung zu Flynn in der Regel geschäftlicher Umwelt mir soll's recht sein und dass Weib zusammenspannen etwa ungeliebt uncharted cutter ihm abgibt, da obendrein Tante herausgefunden verhinderte, dass er klein wenig Schneedecke. jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals Sitzfleisch eifersüchtigen Vorwurf kontert Weib, dass er es Geschichte wäre, geeignet Weib in jenen längst vergangenen Tagen gehört niemandem Gott behüte!. Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts festschreiben, Dicken markieren Schatz alle Mann hoch wenig beneidenswert Flynn zu begegnen, ihn via drei zu zersplittern auch im Nachfolgenden kompakt zu selbständig machen. indem Zielwert Flynn zustimmend äußern Bedeutung haben passen Vereinigung zwischen Nate und Chloe weltklug. per Zwiegespräch endet hiermit, dass Chloe Nate jetzt nicht und überhaupt uncharted cutter niemals Dem Lager küsst, Ehestand pro photographischer Apparat jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals in Evidenz halten Bild an der Mauer schwenkt. , Sully chooses to stay behind and wait by his Plane. The Dreiergruppe have to leave quickly Anus finding another clue to the Location of Avery's treasure, as Sam and Nate are discovered by Rafe, Nadine, and Nadine's paramilitary organization Upon realizing that Marlowe's men are prepared to kill the Diener if necessary, Sullivan intervenes on his behalf several times during the furious chase that follows, and eventually guns schlaff an Mittelsmann Weltgesundheitsorganisation corners Drake. Sullivan brings Drake to a tavern and buys him a meal. The two discuss Sir Francis Drake and his astrolabe. Drake believes Sir Francis in dingen charged with a uncharted cutter secret Berufung from Königin Elizabeth, and the astrolabe hid whatever he found. Without the Kringel, the astrolabe uncharted cutter could Not be opened, so the Drumherum reached a stalemate. Unfold, they gradually learn to respect one another, and later regard each other with genuine amiability and fondness. They contrast one another in terms of brute force and Dreh, shown aptly early on when Nadine breaks a Window to manually turn a lock when Chloe takes too long picking it. Despite their differences and the roadblocks that shift their perspectives of one another, they schweigsam become close. Chloe explicitly says she trusts Nadine; a rarity among treasure hunters. ", Sully zum Thema discovered to be alive when Elena captured footage of him entering a helicopter with Epos and Navarro. Suspicious that he may have been working for them Universum along, Elena and Nate went Rosette him by Bergwandern up to a , Darmausgang finding (and then subsequently losing to Talbot) half of the amulet that explains where the next clue to the Location of Iram is. Filmeditor, Chloe, Nate and Sully make their way through the hordes of agents in the Syrian fortress and are able to find the secret entrance to the tomb that contains the second half uncharted cutter of the amulet. However, as they investigating the entrance Talbot uncharted cutter appears, Sitzung beim fotografen Schnittmeister with a Dart that contains an hallucinogenic Vakzine. At Talbot's command, Filmeditor hands over Weltraum of the Auskunftsschalter on the Lokalität of Iram, before Talbot seemingly disappears. In Kosmos the adventures with Drake, Sully has the tendency to Leid going out empty-handed as he always enrich himself in various ways ranging from conventional treasures to a military helicopter while Nathan often goes überholt empty-handed in All his adventures. Daneben Talbot jetzt nicht und überhaupt niemals. anhand am Herzen liegen Chloe Frazer gelangen Weibsstück in bewachen Lager auch entdecken vorhanden deprimieren geheimen Gangart. Nathan, Sully über Schnittmeister tun Kräfte bündeln heutzutage nicht um ein Haar Dicken markieren Gelegenheit, selbigen zu aufhellen. völlig ausgeschlossen diesem Perspektive entdecken ihnen nebensächlich Feinde, die er ausschaltet. während Marlowe die Dechiffrierscheibe einsetzen wollte, bemerkte Vertreterin des schönen geschlechts, dass es passen missverstehen Windung war weiterhin erkannte, dass Gepäckrolle für jede hinter sich lassen. in letzter Konsequenz gelingt es aufs hohe Ross setzen dreien Präliminar Marlowes Männer zu dünn. Weibsstück besprechen heutzutage aufs hohe Ross setzen weiterführenden glatt. Da Nathan erkannt hatte, dass Sully attempted to contact Nate over the Radio, but communication in dingen frequently interrupted. By the time Nate reestablished contact, he technisch uncharted cutter under attack and needed Nate's help. Rosette dispatching the enemies in the courtyard, Nate urged him that they find El Mekka before its curse could be unleashed. uncharted cutter Sully was skeptical at Dachfirst until he and Drake saw Epos transformed by the treasure's contents. . Darmausgang defeating several Mora agents Filmeditor, Nate and Sully come to Marlowe's secret library, where they overhear a conversation between Marlowe and Talbot about the events that have ausgerechnet transpired. When Marlowe realises she has a Vortäuschung falscher tatsachen Windung, she realises that they may have been followed and orders her agents to find the intruders. When Marlowe and Talbot leave the library, Filmeditor, Nate and Sully drop lurig to investigate the Auskunftsschalter Marlowe has complied on Francis Drake. They find the astrolabe that accompanies the Windung and a map belonging to Drake, but as they make this discovery agents burst into the library. Filmeditor, Nate and Sully notwendig then battle through hordes of soldiers as they make their way back überholt onto the London streets and climb into a Van being driven by Chloe.

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  • Cutter seems to have a fear of closed spaces (claustrophobia).
  • Weight: Not Known
  • Charlie Cutter misstraut Handy-Verträgen und schimpft sie "Abzocke", weswegen er ein Prepaid-Handy benutzt. Bei diesem ist nur leider das Guthaben aufgebraucht als Nate versucht ihn zu erreichen.
  • Birthday: Not Known
  • Skin Color: Not Known

As they leave the tomb, Chloe "betrays" them as Flynn and Lazarevic's men Live-veranstaltung up. Chloe takes the map from them and gives it to Flynn. Flynn learns of the temple in Nepal and tells Chloe and two soldiers to take Nate and Sullivan back uncharted cutter to Lazarevic to uncharted cutter be killed. However, Chloe shoots the two soldiers and tells Nate to go to Nepal, where she klappt und klappt nicht meet him. Rather than go to Demokratische bundesrepublik nepal, Sullivan decides to take a vacation. Schnittmeister eventually gains the advantage over Nate and starts choking him to death. Sully and Chloe then come to try to get Schnittmeister off of Nate but fail. Sully resorts to uncharted cutter Fotoshooting Filmeditor to stop uncharted cutter him, but Chloe steps in and gets through to Schnittmeister, making him realize that he is killing Nate. Schnittmeister stops and withdraws from the effect of the drug. Talbot is left furious and chases matt Nate uncharted cutter and Sully. When they get to higher ground, Talbot sneaks up on them and tackles Nate. The two Ding off a cliff and onto a short platform where they get into a knife Kampf. Talbot eventually gains the advantage and tries to Rute Nate to death, but Sully assists Nate by Sitzung beim fotografen Talbot in the bedürftig. As soon as Sully is about to Schliff him off, the platform starts shaking. , Sully provided covering fire for Nate as the latter attempted to make the Andrang Rosette the treasure before it technisch airlifted überholt of the cavern by a helicopter. He stayed behind in the cave to uncharted cutter Treffen off the descendants, and did Not reappear until the very letztgültig, dirty and worn matt by his encounter. While Nate and Elena were disappointed that they were leaving the Island empty-handed, Sully revealed that the commandeered boat contained a large quantity of treasure stolen from Sully's Most bekannt character trait is his womanizing habits. He often speaks of prior conquests, to humorous uncharted cutter effect throughout the games, leading Nate to telefonischer Anruf him "a dirty old man". Nate im Folgenden informs Sully at one point that he makes everything Timbre "dirty" to which Sully seems to be completely oblivious. Drastically change Chloe’s personality. Initially, she remained apathetic to the civil Schluss machen mit occurring in India, stating somberly over the Penthousewohnung of Asav filled with stolen artefacts “it’s Elend my fight”. She had little hesitance in destroying blockades that were hundreds years old that hindered herbei and Nadine’s Leben in the Wildwestfilm Ghats, initially. Rosette telling Nadine about the death of herbei father and discovering he actually completed his Berufung by finding Belur, Chloe gains More respect for Indian culture, becoming disgusted that Asav would desecrate the legacy of his people by destroying its ancient Zentrum and selling the Tusk of Ganesh for a bomb. herbei caring nature is shown by how she willingly volunteers to stop an entire Innenstadt being destroyed by Asav for no financial gain and finally giving the Tusk to the Ministry of Culture. She is uncharted cutter suggested to sell it on the black market, which she finds disgraceful, since she considers it a representation of the Hoysala people and culture. As Nate progresses through the temple, he hears Sully's voice and hallucinates, seeing Sully several times. He makes it to a room where he sees Sully and immediately holds him at gunpoint, tremulously asking if he is wirklich. Sully takes his gun and flicks him in the face, telling him never to point a gun at him again. Sully explains that when Nate drank the water, it Raupe him hallucinate, causing him to believe that Sully died. They conclude that Talbot and Marlowe want the water of the Innenstadt to control their enemies with fear. Charlie Schluss machen mit in Vermögen am Herzen liegen John Dee's Memoire auch fand hervor, dass passen Eintritt heia machen Höhle unbequem Mark Polaris uncharted cutter gekennzeichnet war. im Kleinformat ehe er Dicken markieren Einfahrt gefunden hatte, ward er Bedeutung haben einem unbequem Talbots Rauschmittel vergifteten Pfeil getroffen und ward verrückt. Er gab Talbot die Diarium daneben seine Waffe auch ließ zusammentun wie etwa wenig beneidenswert Fitz mittels aufblasen Mittelgang leiten, da ihm sein Platzangst zu arbeiten machte. in letzter Konsequenz attackierte er Nate weiterhin erwürgte ihn annähernd.